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Welcoming a New Creative Studio for 2020!

After a long hiatus, I'm re-joining the blogosphere to share the incredible photographable journeys I embark on in my travels and with my wonderful clients.

Firstly, I am so grateful to share about the expansiveness I'm feeling with a workspace in my home that is all my own. Every day I am dreaming up what I am going to bring to life in this space.

So here are a few highlights so far:

1. I photographed Isabella's cake smash photos for her 1st birthday in my new home studio.

2. I took a Stop Motion class by the phenomenal Colette Peri.

2a. I created a cool stop motion of my newest business cards and I invested in various papers, backdrops, and tools to help bring my creative works to life.

3. I subscribed to the LifeLapse stop motion app and joined various educational apps and sites where I can continue to learn and be inspired by other creators! Investing in knowledge and the tools to empower your business is key!

4. I launched two new websites and two social media presences for local businesses.

And most importantly, I started thinking outside the box again.

I look forward to sharing more of my creations with you all soon!


Maria Shayna

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